‘The Physical is Spiritual’

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Greg McKinzie, in a series of posts on development for the Christian Urban Development Association:

What we need is transformation at the level of worldview, not just at the level of expression. While thinking new thoughts is a part of worldview transformation, it is not sufficient. In order to see the world anew, it is necessary to live a different story, to act according to the assumptions of the Christian worldview.

Our vocabulary is dualistic (that is, it separates physical and spiritual). So even when we try to express holism or holistic ministry, we fail because our worldview is dualistic.

So here is the holistic axiom of a Christian worldview: there is not a spiritual realm and a material realm; there is only God's creation, his realm, his reign. The physical is spiritual all the way down. How then are we to act?

Looking forward to Part 2.

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