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Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Peter Greer, president and CEO of HOPE International, reacting to other organizations' (mis)use of HOPE's branding and intellectual property:

But if we prioritize impact above organizational fame and identity, I have to celebrate that some of the pieces we’ve developed are being used by others. Nonprofit accountability isn’t tied to shareholder return, but to lives impacted. We should be most generous in supporting others eager to impact our broader mission. When we share information, causes win.

Greer pinpoints the orgazational difference between for-profit and non-profit companies. Non-profits should prioritize impact over return on investment; this is harder for a for-profit company. As CEO, Greer's response eximplifies the culture of his organization in a powerful way.

That said, what these companies have done is inexcusable. Plagiarism is wrong whether or not you or the company you are copying are seeking profit. Which is why Greer's postscript is crucial:

But in the future, if you’d like to use something we’ve developed, please ask. We’ll be happy to share!

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