Postmodern Pendulum

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Christian Piatt, looking ahead to the Subverting the Norm conference this weekend, reflects on postmodern theology:

The thing is, I have my own concerns that this movement risks becoming the kind of thing that it seeks to distance itself from. Whereas there’s a great potential benefit in challenging, or even actively deconstructing everything from our image of God to our notion of all things supernatural or miraculous, there’s also the risk that we end up embarking in our own sort of “scorched earth” theological crusade, intent on wringing all metaphysical thinking from the conversation and discounting anything beyond aesthetic experience and fundamental human morality.

In other words, the pendulum that swung toward divisive hyper-rationalism with modernity risks swinging too far in the opposite direction with postmodernism. And the result would be the same: division, power struggles, and partisanship.

It's a fair question.

If the movement's members can sustain self-examination throughout their growth, their theology stands a chance at avoiding “becoming what it ‘hates.’”

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