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An essay from deep thinker John Fortner:

Scripture is a co-production between heaven and earth. God relies on the creativity and imagination of humans to convey in human categories and culture that which in any given time can best be understood.

Fortner isn't content to hide behind the words “inspired” or “God's Word” when it comes to Christian scripture. In fact, he insists on engaging culture.

Since God is the best teacher in the cosmos, he accommodates himself to human culture. In doing so, God makes use of human civilization, culture, and imagination as much as possible to convey something of his nature, character, and agenda for the earth and its inhabitants. In all of this we understand that God takes a high view of human culture and human imagination. This is confirmed within the pages of Scripture itself where we see replications of and adaptations to the vast array of literary genres, approaches, strategies, and devices known in the cultural world of the ancient Near East.

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