Ira Glass: Christians Get The Short End Of The Media Stick

Posted on by Seth Daggett

Ira Glass, in an interview with author Jim Henderson for Open Culture:

There came a point early on in the show where I just noticed that the way Christians are portrayed in movies and on television is almost always as crazy people, […] whereas the Christians in my life were all incredibly wonderful, and thoughtful, and had very ambiguous complicated feelings in their beliefs, and seemed to be totally generous hearted and open to a lot of different kinds of people in their lives.

Two points:

  1. It shouldn't be that surprising that Christians as a whole are misrepresented in the media. More often than not it seems that the most radical in any religious or political group are the most vocal. And the vocal minority gets the most media attention.

  2. The interview itself is a great example of how to have an open conversation with someone who doesn't have the same beliefs as you do.

The interview is split into twelve different videos.

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