Sins That Lead to Greatness

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Thoughtful, repentant piece by Brian Zahnd on Columbus Day:

Would it be too much to ask that we learn to lament the sins that made our greatness possible?

At least realize that we are all so deeply implicated in systemic sin that there are no quick fixes and there is no easy answer to the question of what justice looks like. We are all so deeply implicated that we should be quick to ask for mercy and slow to condemn anyone.

It's worth reading the whole article—he quotes both Columbus and Las Casas.

Every mention of Columbus Day in my Twitter timeline yesterday was critical of it (except for this more parodic slant). I wondered if what I saw was a reflection of a new majority position or simply self-selection based on who I follow. It may be some of both, and is probably the sort of argument where the only people vocal about it take an opposing stance. Still, I think more people are thinking before they launch a “Happy Columbus Day!” into the world.

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