The Very Worst Missionary Deconstructs ‘#Blessed’

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Jamie Wright, aka The Very Worst Missionary, on why she hates the hashtag #blessed phenomenon:

We've created a culture in which we measure God's “blessings” in terms of dollars and cents, comfort and pleasure, wealth and well-being. So, if we're happy and healthy and have everything we need, then we're blessed, and we should thank God on social media. We tend to ignore the secondary message this sends to those who are unhappy or unhealthy, or for whom things are just generally crappy. Too bad, so sad, if your life sucks, you're #NotBlessed. The third unintended takeaway we get when we slap the word "blessed" on every aspect of our own upward mobility is that God's blessings obviously belongs to the rich, and must be doled out to the poor as the rich see fit. The richer, the #Blesseder.

It’s a pet peeve of mine too. While she focuses on deconstructing the concept of blessing, I couldn’t agree more with her conclusion for what blessing actually is.

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