Tweeting the Psalms

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Ben Myers has been tweeting through the Psalms. Now, obviously something of the Psalms’ intended purpose is lost in reducing poetry to a tweet. But of course I love the project, since I love both Twitter and the Psalms.

Some of his #psalmtweets are outright poetic:

Psalm 43: O Joy of my joy, with hands lifted high I drag my heavy heart into Your presence.

Others are modernized for effect:

Psalm 45: Faster than a typewriter, as fluent as a twitter timeline, my tongue pours out praises to Your Messiah.

Some are downright theological:

Psalm 8: The stars are a minor achievement (Your finger-painting). Humanity is Your masterwork; the stars gaze down admiringly.

He’s compiled his tweets into posts for Book I and Book II, respectively. I assume Book III will hit the press soon, since he tweeted Psalm 89 back in February.

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