‘The Mission is God’s’

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

Yours truly back in September, in my first article for the Team Arequipa newsletter. I walk through the story of God’s mission using the Bible as a lens. As if summarizing millennia of story weren't enough, I also tried to connect it to why my wife Katie and I just moved to Peru.

Also, check out the feature I built for Team Arequipa’s site. I compiled hundreds of thousands of words in hundreds of newsletter articles from an 8-year period and featured the highlights. It’s called “Our Story.”

I have incredible respect for Greg and Megan McKinzie and Kyle and Larissa Smith—for many reasons. But one of those is their dedicated work in writing four articles a month for eight years. These weren't just casual updates on their life and work. Month after month they wrote really good stuff, about culture, development, contextualization, mission, and more. All this to say, it was an honor to write my frist article for the newsletter and will continue to be an honor to follow their legacy.