“Alternative Wisdom: Good News About Nothing”

Posted on by Jeremy Daggett

As I mentioned in my recent post, I now listen to Rob Bell’s podcast. It’s consistently good, challenging, and timely. I still like his interviews the best but now I listen to his solo episodes too. Rob started a series at the beginning of April on what he calls alternative wisdom. It’s the “wisdom after wisdom,” or counterintuitive wisdom. Part 1 was particularly good (Overcast).

Alternative wisdom for this episode:

Sit in the waiting. In the silence. In the absence.

In the moment when things have fallen apart, be present, because something important is happening.

This is probably the hardest advice for someone who is currently there. Sure, in hindsight it can seem helpful. But really be there, live in it, and you just might see something you didn’t see before.

Wisdom is being stripped of your identity and waiting. It's in the nothingness that something new will be born.

Depending on how you’re doing right now, this definition of wisdom might be easy to accept. Or you might want to punch Rob in the face. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy the episode.


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